A downloadable surreal manifestation

Feeling inspired after showing my daughter the last version, Titled DaxDaliDominoes, Dax Norman pushes forward with a new design iteration.

She exclaimed "this is fun," upon the first play of the first version, so I have decided to incrementally build this game, posting each new version.

And guess what, I can feel my unity skills growing too! Feel free to comment.

In upcoming versions, I plan to add more interactivity, dense worlds with an expanding population of characters, as well as a new soundtrack each time.

Install instructions

mac and pc version available. Download the file that you want, then double click the app to run.


PC Version 19 MB
Mac Version 22 MB


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I love your style, but I sure wish the game looked anything as, well, complete as the video.


this version includes the following new characters:

Jellyfish Heater

2 Legg'd Spidah Burd

Bunny Pants